Corporate Wellness

Nutrition Counseling:

Nutrition Counseling offers personalized nutrition education with a Registered Dietitian for employees. I take time with each participant to understand their nutrition concerns and provide nutrition education, a realistic plan for optimal health and accountability for success. Additionally, each participant will receive their calorie needs and ideal macronutrient goals. Consultations are provided for many areas of nutrition including weight management, diabetes, heart disease, food intolerance, digestive health and meal planning.


Weight Loss Class - Eat.Nourish.Thrive

Have you tried several diets without losing weight or have stubborn pounds that won’t come off? This class will help you lose weight, boost energy, and restore digestive health and wellness.

The class will provide participants with both individual and group nutrition education. The first week of the program, participants will meet individually with a registered dietitian to review health concerns, determine calorie needs and create realistic goals. Additionally, each participant will be given a meal planning guide for successful weight loss. Throughout the class participants will follow a diet to rebalance gut bacteria, taste simple nutritious recipes, keep a food journal and weigh in weekly. Additionally, participants will review healthy choices for each food group, meal planning tips, label reading, portion sizes, craving control, how to dine out and more. This class will provide you with accountability and tools to lose weight for good.

Cooking Demonstrations

Give your employees the opportunity to try new recipes, become familiar with seasonal ingredients and inspire them to make simple healthy recipes at home. Contact me for additional details.

Nutrition Seminars – Lunch and Learns

One hour sessions are interactive and will provide action steps for lifestyle change on a variety of topics.

A few topics include:

  • Food Myths - Debunked. Coconut oil or Olive oil?
  • Eat to fuel the 3pm slump.
  • Digestive health: water, fiber, prebiotics & probiotics
  • Meal Prepping for a busy schedule
  • Fuel up for Fitness
  • Diabetes Management and Prevention
  • Dining Out 101
  • What are we eating? Natural, Organic, GMO

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