I take time with patients to understand their nutrition concerns, create a realistic plan for optimal health and provide accountability for success. I work with patients seeking help with weight loss, diabetes, high cholesterol, sports nutrition, meal planning, feeding picky eaters, prenatal and infant nutrition, energy levels, gastrointestinal disease such as IBS, SIBO, food intolerances and more.

Initial Appointments | $100 for One Hour Session

During our initial session, we will review your current health status, nutrition goals, and create a realistic plan. Based on this information, I will provide nutrition education, a meal planning guide, and recipes. You will leave with tools for success and a plan for continued follow up to achieve your goals.

Follow Up Appointments | $50 for Thirty Minute Session

-Each session will range from 30-60 minutes.

-Food journal review, weekly menu planning, in-home meal preparation and grocery store tour options are available after the initial nutrition counseling session.

In-Home Meal and Snack Prep


Are you looking for new meal ideas, cooking tips or assistance with meal preparation? Allow me to save you time by coming in your kitchen and preparing lunch, dinner, snacks or even baby food. I will prepare the selected meals or you can work together with me to learn how to make new meals and save time with meal preparation.



Weight Loss Class - Eat.Nourish.Thrive

Have you tried several diets without losing weight or have stubborn pounds that won’t come off? This class will help you lose weight, boost energy, and restore digestive health and wellness.

The class will provide participants with both individual and group nutrition education. The first week of the program, participants will meet individually with a registered dietitian to review health concerns, determine calorie needs and create realistic goals. Additionally, each participant will be given a meal planning guide for successful weight loss. Throughout the class participants will follow a diet to rebalance gut bacteria, taste simple nutritious recipes, keep a food journal and weigh in weekly. Additionally, participants will review healthy choices for each food group, meal planning tips, label reading, portion sizes, craving control, how to dine out and more. This class will provide you with accountability and tools to lose weight for good. Contact me to sign up today. Space is limited.

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